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On this day I will be sharing some tips for girls who want to recover their natural curls and don't know how to start the transition.

The transition is the process where we start a routine to recover our natural hair.

The first thing you should do is be very sure that you want to recover your natural curls since this path, even if it is a little difficult, is worth it because the results will be very beautiful.

When you are in transition you must learn to treat the two textures, these are the natural hair that is growing and the hair processed by chemicals, straightening, color, blower or iron.

Aquí pueden ver la diferencia de las dos texturas

Next I will give you some tips to start the transition:

1- Remember that if you are in transition you should not straighten your hair with straighteners or keratin; neither should you bleach your hair or dye it with peroxide or ammonia and lastly you should not heat your hair with dryers, blowers or flat irons.

2- You should cut the processed hair either every two months or whenever you consider necessary, until you finish cutting all the straight hair and only your natural hair remains, which is when the transition is over.

3- Use homemade or commercial masks to add nutrients to the processed hair so that it does not break. Here on my blog or on my YouTube channel Rizos Divinos you will find several masks that will help you hydrate, nourish and strengthen your hair.

4- You can use oils or droppers that promote hair growth to massage into the scalp once or twice a week.

These oils can be: castor or castor oil, coconut oil, rosemary oil, jojoba oil, rosemary oil, or lavender oil.

5- Products you will need when styling your hair.

* Shampoo

* Mask for damaged hair

* Conditioner

* A Leavein or styling cream

* A foam to curl processed hair (processed hair is only defined with techniques that I will be detailing below)

I recommend these products but you can use any brand you want.

Nuestro Kit de Transición

6- Use tools such as flexi rods or perm rods to define the hair in transition.

7- Below I show you some photos with definition methods for transitional hair, which you can do at home or in a salon for curly hair:

DEFINITION WITH FLEXI RODS OR FLEXIBLE STICKS: You use a leavein or styling cream and a mousse or gel

DEFINITION WITH THE PERM RODS: You use a leavein or styling cream and a mousse or gel

Photo By: @actually_Ashly

DEFINITION WITH BUTTONS OR BANTU NOTES: You use a leavein or styling cream and a mousse or gel

By: @candicoatedcurls

DEFINITION BY TWIST OR TWO BRAIDS IT CAN ALSO BE THREE BRAIDS: You use a leavein or styling cream and a mousse or gel

By: @_kharissa

All these methods of defining hair in transition, you can see them on Youtube, there are many tutorials that explain step by step how to do it.

8- There are also many girls who choose to braid or crochet (braided and cooked hair) when they are in transition and it is a good method as you get used to this new stage of your life.

9- To sleep wear a satin cap that will help your hair not to be mistreated at bedtime

10- Remember that patience and self-acceptance are the key in this process. You must be aware and accept your natural hair, not because other people tell you to or because you think that natural hair is the new trend. Start this process because you really want to get your natural hair back and love it just the way it is. This world of natural hair is a lifestyle that you will learn at every stage of this beautiful process.

I hope that this article that I have prepared with great care for you will be of great benefit to you and that it will make your life much easier since I know that at first it is a bit difficult; but I really tell you that this sacrifice you are making will be worth it when you see your divinely beautiful curls and afro.

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