How To Prepare Vitamin E Oil For Hair Or For Your Skin

Hello everyone! This time I want to show you a very easy way to prepare vitamin E oil for hair and skin.

Benefits of the vitamin for hair:

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps improve blood flow to the scalp which helps hair grow faster and also prevents hair loss.

It is an excellent exfoliant that helps to eliminate dead cells and also to regenerate the scalp.

It has several benefits for the skin, among them: regenerating the skin so that it looks younger, it is used as a sunscreen, to protect you from the sun, it helps to heal faster and it is also used to moisturize dry skin.

Vitamin E can be taken orally as it comes in capsules and also as an oil or moisturizer.

How to prepare vitamin E oil:

To prepare the vitamin E oil we only need a cup of extra virgin olive oil (about 8 ounces) or organic coconut oil and 5 vitamin E capsules.


Cut the capsules and add the vitamin E liquid to the olive oil, after mixing, store for a week in a cool place.

Over time you can use it at night to give massages on your scalp two to three times a week. If you prefer, you can remove it the next day or leave it on until your next wash.

As a face cream: you can use it at bedtime by gently applying it all over your face and then wash your face in the morning.

I hope it will be of benefit to you and here you can comment on what your experience has been after using this oil.

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