Protein Mask to Moisturize and Repair High Porosity Colored Hair

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Hello guys! As many of you tell me to recommend a homemade mask, to help moisturize and repair damaged or dry hair due to dyes; So I decided to do this article where I bring you this super powerful mask that I used when I was high porosity.

This mask will give your hair deep hydration and provide the necessary proteins to make your hair look healthier.

To prepare it you will only need:

  • A whole egg Screenshot_20170518-121753
  • Two tablespoons of coconut oil or coconut milk (if you don't like coconut you can use olive oil).
  • Half of a very ripe avocado
  • If you prefer you can add natural yogurt or mayonnaise.

You just have to mash the avocado, add the egg, the oil and mix all the ingredients; then you should apply to dry hair before washing and leave for half an hour to an hour; then wash your hair as usual.

When washing your hair you will feel the difference in softness and hydration. You can do this mask once a week or twice until your hair has been completely repaired.

After washing my hair I used the leave-in cream and the defining cream from Cantu products, which leave a very nice definition that I loved.

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See you soon!!

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