Aloe Vera and Papaya Mask to Moisturize your Curls and for Growth Low Porosity

Hello girls! Today I bring you this excellent homemade mask based on aloe vera (aloe vera), papaya (milky), and natural oils that will help you moisturize your hair and promote growth.

Papaya helps regenerate dry and damaged hair; it provides softness to the strand and is a natural conditioner that you can easily get at any supermarket.

Aloe vera or aloe vera is one of the natural ingredients used for hair care, since it helps with growth, control hair loss and strengthen the strand so that the hair is always healthy and strong.


A spoonful of honey

Two tablespoons olive oil

Two tablespoons coconut oil

Two tablespoons Rosemary oil

Half a cup of chopped Papaya

Half a cup of Aloe vera

Everything is blended and applied as you prefer, either before washing or after shampooing; I applied it before I washed my hair and left it on for about an hour and then washed my hair as usual.

End result:

Photo after the mask/Photos of the products I used to define

Video of the preparation of the mask… Remember to enter my channel Curls Divine and subscribe for more videos.

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