Tomato Mask to Moisturize your Curls and Finger Coils with Lotta body Products

Hello guys, I hope you are well. This time I want to share another of my favorite homemade masks to hydrate your hair naturally and with products that you have on hand in your kitchen. This mask can be used by any type of porosity.

Tomato is a natural conditioner and has many vitamins that help moisturize the scalp and also helps your hair grow healthy and strong. This tomato mask leaves the hair very soft, hydrated and with a lot of shine.

Ingredients: IMG_20170211_135009_623

  • A red tomato
  • Two tablespoons of olive oil.
  • Two tablespoons of coconut oil.(This can be substituted for your preferred oil).


You just have to blend the entire tomato and add the oils.

To apply it, first wash your hair and after shampooing, dry your hair to remove excess moisture and apply the mask to all of your hair; leave it on for an hour and then remove with a lot of water, then apply your favorite conditioner and style to your liking.


That day I made a very beautiful definition with my fingers which they call Finger Coils; to make them I used Lotta body products, which are my favorite when I go to do this type of hairstyle.

Here I share the video of how I make them.

Enjoy it!!!

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