LOC Method with Eden Products and the Denman Brush to Define Curls

Posted by Yahaira Morales on

Hello girls, this time I will share a video of how I hydrate my curls with the LOC method and use my Denman Bursh brush to define them.

The LOC Motodo in English is:

L= Leave-in (conditioner without rinsing) or Liquid (water)

O= de oil (preferred oil)

C= from Cream (Cream to define)

This method is very effective for those girls who have very dry hair and want a hydration method so that when their curls are defined, they look shiny, well hydrated and without frizz.


To hydrate and define I used the Eden brand leave-in conditioner, which is one of my favorites when it comes to conditioning the hair and leaving it manageable; I also used Doo Gro brand oil to seal in moisture; then I applied the Eden defining cream and lastly I used the Denman Brush to style my hair and give my curls that beautiful definition.

I invite you to watch the video where you can see how I did it.

Enjoy them and help them define their curls better!!

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