Tips for girls in transition or for those who are going to start leaving their natural hair

If you are thinking of recovering your natural hair or you are in transition and you don't know how to start or what to use; these tips are for you.

1- The first thing is to be very sure that you want to recover your natural hair, which leads to big changes in your style of seeing life, since this is a process that needs a lot of patience, because although it is a long way it is not impossible and the result is well worth it.

2- Since you are sure to take this big step, the next thing you should know is what products you should use from now on. Among these products are:

  • Shampoo and conditioner preferably sulfate-free, silicone-free and paraben-free; as these ingredients are not good for curly hair.
  • A leave-in conditioner which is a leave-in conditioner, which will help make hair more manageable and easier to comb.
  • A curl defining cream. Although straight hair does not naturally curl, later on I will tell you about definition techniques for hair in transition where you will use a curl definition cream.
  • You'll also need an alcohol-free mousse or gel for curly hair.

These photos are of some of the products I use. You can use the brand you prefer and that you find in your country.

3- Organic or natural oils will be very helpful when it comes to moisturizing dry or weak hair and will also help you with the growth of your natural hair. For example: coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil (same as castor or higuereta), almond oil, argan oil, rosemary oil, among others.

4- Homemade masks will be essential when moisturizing your hair since these ingredients that we have in our kitchen are our best allies, which we can use before washing our hair or after shampooing, as a deep treatment. Here on my blog I have a few masks that are very good for moisturizing and repairing damaged hair. You can also visit my youtube channel Rizos Divinos there I have all the masks that hydrate and help hair growth.

5- You should cut the processed hair either every two months or whenever you consider necessary, until you finish cutting all the straight hair and only your natural hair remains, which is when the transition is over.

6- There are several techniques to define hair that is in transition. I show you photos of the most used:

  • The twist out or braids of two glued: you apply a defining cream or a gel and then you braid each strand.

By: @_kharissa

  • Perm rods or perm rolls: you apply a mousse or cream to define curls and then wrap each strand in the roll.

By: @actually_Ashly

  • The flexi rods or flexible rollers: you apply a mousse or a cream to define curls and then you wrap each strand in the flexi rods.

By: @thelovelygrace

  • The bantu knots or little bows: You always apply your cream to define curls and a little gel and divide each strand and wrap the hair until you form the little bow.

By: @candicoatedcurls

  • Definition with straws or straws I don't know what they call it in their countries: it's the same as with flexi rods.

By: @nappyhairnation

All these definition methods you can see the videos on my facebook page Curls Divine where I have shared several of these styles.

7- Protective styles are a good option for girls in transition when they want to let their hair rest and not have to manipulate it as much Of these styles there are many among them, the most prominent is the Box Braids or long braids that can be braided two or three, such as:


8- Hairstyles with hair up which are very nice for transitional hair:

9- Remember that if you are in transition you should not straighten your hair with straighteners or keratin; You shouldn't dye your hair with peroxide or ammonia either, and lastly, you shouldn't heat your hair with dryers, blowers or straighteners.

10- Remember that patience is the key in this process and self-acceptance, because if you are not aware that you should accept your hair, not because other people tell you or because you think that wearing natural hair is the new fashion, but because you really want to have your natural hair back and love it as it is, with all that being natural implies, which is a lifestyle that you will learn at each stage of this beautiful process.

I hope that this article that I have prepared with great care for you will be of great benefit to you and that it will make your life much easier since I know that at first it is a bit difficult; but I really tell you that this sacrifice you are making will be worth it when you see your divinely beautiful curls and afro.


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